The Scorpio Zodiac Sign: Important Facts

10 Dec

The scorpion represents the Scorpio zodiac sign. It is regarded as a powerful sun sign. Those who are born between October 23rd and November 21st are part of this zodiac. It is the eighth sign in the zodiac calendar and is ruled by the planet Pluto with Mars being the co-ruler. A common trait for those born under this zodiac is the love for traveling all over the world. They have that adventurous spirit, which sees them take risks and live life to the fullest. They have boundless energy and remain calm and self-controlled.

Apart from Mars and Pluto being their ruling planets, there are other facts about this zodiac sign. Their ruling element is water, their lucky stone is bloodstone, and their lucky colors are red, rust and scarlet. Their lucky numbers are 18, 54, and 72. Theirs consider Sunday and Tuesday to be their lucky days. They are in the eighth house, seeing as it is the eighth sign of the zodiac calendar. Their lucky flower is chrysanthemum.

Some of their positive traits include being passionate, exciting, powerful, determined, magnetic, forceful, intuitive, emotional, courageous, self-confident, and diplomatic. They are however also arrogant, proud, cunning, jealous, possessive, dominating, obstinate, compulsive, secretive, and sometimes resentful.

Apart from traveling, they also like to win competitions, solving mysteries, taking risks, and participating in good conversations. They, on the other hand, dislike being friends with strangers. They also do not like being asked unnecessary questions or being analyzed.

Their strongest character is their willpower and determination. Their secretive nature can, however, work against them, thus becoming their weakness. Know about tarot card meanings here!

In their love relationships, they shall have powerful emotions which they shall have no problems displaying. They happen to be sensuous and romantic lovers. They shall take the time to learn how to attract their love interests. They, however, can be combative and sparks can lead to fights. They always look forward to finding love getting married and settling down. For this, they shall do what it takes.

In terms of careers, Scorpios make for good candidates in disciplinary fields, such as scientists, surgeons, and their self-control allows them to function properly in the military, as actors, detectives, and teachers. You can also learn more tips on where to find the best astrology, visit

Their nature is powerful and intense, which they have mastered control over. They shall always strive to achieve what they set out to, and will not settle for anything less. They make for loyal friends, but dangerous enemies. They are ambitious and self-confident people. Get tarot card reading here!

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